13 April 2015


Boso – Boso Church is located in Barangay San Jose at the city of Antipolo. It is one of the churches in the city that the tourists and locals went to visit specially in Lent season.


(Translated from the historical mark posted in the front door of the church)

Boso-boso church was first established as a church for missionaries of the Jesuits priests last 17th century. In the year 1768 the management was transferred under the secular priests of the Parish of Nuestra Senora de La Annunciata .

The church had been damaged by the earthquake last July 18, 1880.

The locals left the place in the year 1930 to give way to a dam project. But the project had been abandoned so the people were free to return to Boso –Boso.  In the year 1943 the church was caught on fire and was restored last 1995 in the good heart of the people.

          I have to admit that I did not see what the Boso – Boso Church has to offer that draws people to visit the place. The historical mark helped me understand how important it is in the history of Antipolo and of course, Philippines. Knowing that it survived from fire and earthquake from more than centuries simply manifest the spiritual faith of the people who resides in the place and those who knows its history.
The church has a vibe that makes me silent and concentrates praying. The old structure is still keep but I can tell that a renovation on its ceiling had been made. If you are a religious person you will appreciate the please. If you are not I am sure that you will be drawn in its old – fashioned look and feel.
One important thing to keep in mind if you plan to visit is telephone signal is low so might not received messages immediately. 
 The Altar

 The choir loft

A grotto outside Boso - Boso Church

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