16 April 2015


Baluarte de San Diego Gardens

The very reason my visit to Intramuros is so memorable is that I made a bad tourist out of a very historic place in my own country. What a shame! But I figure that it was for the best of both Intramuros and I.

            Intramuros is also known as the wall city. The walls were built during the Spanish period wherein it is used to protect the city from foreign invasion. Everywhere you look   you can tell that it had witnessed important events in history of the Philippines. The famous Manila Cathedral is built inside Intramuros. It is also surrounded of different colleges and universities. The silence of the place when we were there makes me so excited as if it was screaming for attention  even from the smallest detail of the doors of the cafes in every street that we passed by. I guess the foreign tourists have noticed how silent it was so they act the same.
I snap this photo while I was riding the pedicab. This was my first choice of photo to be  submitted to our teacher.

Why I Went To Intramuros

            Back in college our teacher in our Photography Class decided to make Intramuros as our subject. He simply said that we should apply what we learn about photography and appreciate Intramuros. So it was a pressure of submitting a school requirement at that time. He gave a deadline so we are all scrambling, typical college act. I went with my two classmates with their boyfriend in tow.

How We Travel To Intramuros

            We meet up at LRT Station 2. Here in the Philippines it is the easiest and fastest way to commute if you are going to travel around the metro. Our starting point is LRT Santolan Station and then we went off at the Recto Station. It is the last station if you are traveling via LRT line 2. Then we ride a jeepney to Intramuros. You can find the jeepneys once you are out the LRT Station. 


What Happened

        The moment we were near the gates of Intramuros pedicab drivers were already crowding us sweet talking on how we should tour Intramuros. We figure that it is best that we rent a pedicab since we do not know our way around. They take us to tourist spot that are famous in the Intramuros. They drivers were patient on us while we took photos. One problem that occurred to us while we are on tour was the sad fact that the driver does not know the specific name of the places that he brought us. At that time I do not even get mad about it only now that I am blogging about it. It is understandable in the part of the driver/tour guide since it was not really part of his job. All he needs to do is to take us around Intramuros.

            We had a stop in the Manila Cathedral, Baluarte de San Diego Gardens, a café, and those places near the school that looks like a prison to me. What we missed were Fort Santiago and the other churches in Intramuros. 

For some reason this door captivates me. Just by looking at this I can create one stanza of life poetry.

Things To Do When Touring Historical Places

  I admit that I learned my lessons the hard way. When I realized I have been lectured minus the books and teachers I make sure that I would never take it for granted the next I am put up in the same situation. So I would like to share to you a few things on how things should be done.

·         Research about the place you are visiting. Because you would not appreciate its beauty and value if you do not have a background of it.
·         If you have a budget to spend consider booking a tour. Check out this site.
·         Prepare your gadgets beforehand.
·         Engage with the people around whether they are local or foreign tourists. That way you can get information that would be helpful to you.
·         Ask if it is okay to use flash when photographing some places.
·         Take snapshots and try to remember its name so you may be called a good a good tourist unlike me.
·         If you rent a pedicab, calesa, or hired a tour guide make sure that you have negotiated the price of service in both sides agreement. So that you may not end up arguing with the person in the end of the tour.
·         Lastly, respect the rules that are being implemented. If the rules are not laid, at least, read the signs before entering or letting yourself in the premises.

This is the final photo that I submitted. I got the 45 out of 50 points. To questions, like, what is this called and what happened to it, that I do not know which I think made me a bad tourist. Nevertheless, I have learned my lessons.

That, my friend, is my first memories of Intramuros. The things that happened make me beg the universe for another tour in it. I would not argue for those who say that Intramuros is beautiful. Because it so true.

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