09 April 2015


My life is associated with memories that I wished I have done more or better. If time and music are together I guess I ought to share how they greatly influenced my perspective in life. Whenever I hear songs being played in the radio or in one of my friend’s playlist I go back feeling and remembering where I am when the first time I heard that song. Today I am going to share songs that instantly remind me of high school.

OPM (Original Pinoy Music)
1.      Same Ground by Kitchie Nadal
2.      Huling El Bimbo by Parokya ni Edgar
3.      Narda by Kamikazee
4.      Rainbow by South Border

Foreign Music
1.      Born For You by David Pomeranz
2.      King and Queen of Hearts by David Pomeranz
3.      Breaking Free by Vanessa Hudgens and Zach Efron
4.      All of High School Musical’s soundtrack
5.      Top of The World by The Carpenters
6.      Dreaming of You by Selena

 *Photo credit: Unsplash

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