14 April 2015


            In one of our group discussion in SFC we were asked to list the things that make us happy. Although, many people would argue if listing them is effective or not I would assume that making lists of things are not in there happy list. I find the activity uplifting since it focuses on what makes you happy. It set aside the things that drag our confidence down. I am proud to say that I have learned a thing in living a good life. That is focusing on the happy and positive thoughts. Move over pessimist! Here are the things that make me happy.

1.      Healthy family
2.      Volunteering in Cornerstone
3.      Joining Singles For Christ
4.      Delightful strangers
5.      Reading a book
6.      Writing poetry
7.      A comment in my blog
8.      Publishing a blog post in a day
9.      Photographing flowers
10.  Disney music and other genre
11.  Talking to my friends in flesh
12.  When someone appreciate my work
13.  Writing letters
14.  A fair amount of money to sustain my needs and to share
15.  Looking for unique clothes in a vintage store
16.  Eating ice cream
17.  Watching romantic/comedy movies
18.  Daydreaming
19.  Watching TV shows
20.  The possibilities that are yet to come
21.  Expressing my anger to a person on my way
22.  Learning new things that I thought I would never learned
23.  A corny joke that I have not heard before
24.  If I land my dream job. I’ll be in cloud nine.
25.  The fact the we all have our second chance if ever we screw up
26.  The idea of falling in love with a guy
27.  Cotton candy
28.  Sunrise, Beach, Forest
29.  Honest human being
30.  That there is God who knows what is best for us and will guide us through our life.

These are a few things that make me happy. The rest are my secret. J Do you have  a happy list? What are on the list?

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