18 April 2015


     Hello there! I hope you are having a good day. This is an update to my Thrifty Finds series. This aims to inspire everyone to be wise on spending money. I know that you will find this somewhat helpful.

    When you get the chance to have shoes for free, I bet you will grab it. Hooray, for the love of shoe!

        In SFC I met different kind of people with different personalities and so on. One of them happens to be my “classmate” during the CLP session. There family is in the business of shoe making. They are supplying some local brand of shoe in the Philippine market. Imagine my delight. Every time I went to their house for our household meeting I am always greeted by pile of shoes. We would gush of how beautiful they are specially the stilettos.

            One Sunday we arrived with boxes of shoes that are being given away. We dig through the boxes to find the exact pair and our size. Although there was slight damaged, like scratch we dig up. I got myself one pair of flat sandals and a pair of wedge. Also, two pairs of shoe for my father and brother. I saved Php 1000 or almost US 23.

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