23 April 2015



Ever wondered why your younger cousin was first to have a boyfriend than you? This situation was discussed among my friends just recently when we talk about relationship status. So I thought I write an article on reasons why some women are still single.

1.      You have a very high standard. I get it; there should be a list for your ideal man. I have mine too. That is just like requesting for the moon. If your standards are high make sure that you fit your own standards.
2.      You have been traumatized by your friends’ unhealthy relationship. It is because you are available whenever your friends are in a bad phase of their relationship you always absorb all their vent and heartaches.
3.      You do not socialize. All the single guys you know are all in a relationship. There might be one hot guy but he is your cousin. If you are really serious in entering the dating scene go out and engage with different kind of people. The next time you get invited to a party by all means accept it.
4.      You are busy with school, your career, and all other things that are important other than dating. You can’t balance your life specially if you are focus on finishing school and getting your dream job. You do not need another distraction – as you called it.
5.      You really have not considered dating. You were not aware that being single for almost half your life matters until your cousins, and friends keep asking you about your relationship status.

6.      You are waiting for your long – time crush to ask you out. Oh come on! You are still hoping that he would notice you and ask you out eventually. This is just sad. But I can attest that this is happening. The best way to move on is to tell that guy that you have a crush on him. Only if you are a brave – brave woman. Who knows?
7.      You are waiting for the perfect time. Yup, the perfect time. All of us believe that everything has a perfect time. We do not know if it is coming soon or if we completely waste an opportunity because we keep saying that it is not yet the time but it was the perfect time at that unexpected day.
8.      You do not want to be in a relationship. Period.
9.      You are not yet ready. You cannot give up the lifestyle that you have right now. You just want to relax alone in a pool without worrying that someone might not approve the swimsuit that you are wearing. Plus, you are not ready sharing your whereabouts to somebody except your parents.
10.  You are afraid of commitment. Probably, you have been over thinking that is why you have concluded that have problem in committing in a serious relationship.


11.  No one asks you out. The sadness of it all. Probably because you are vocal of not having interest in being in a relationship. Other reasons may including your intimidating looks and aura, and the way you show your confidence around other people.  

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