28 May 2015


            Would you believe if I tell you that I have talked to three different strangers in half a day? In the end of every conversation after the stranger left I felt that the two of us are destined to meet at that day on that particular time. I have proven that there are human beings in this world that would simply mean nothing but to help you or that the old ones are not afraid to express their opinion.

            Here is my conversation with the helpful nurse based on how I remember it:

After experiencing dizziness due to car-sickness and after emptying my stomach in the act of puking I have decided to take a stop to fixed myself. Thanks heavens for fast – food stores that serve breakfast because it means that there powder room is open for the public.

 I dragged myself to the store and found my way to the powder room in which the queuing line is long. I had no choice since I am not sure which store in the Araneta Center - a center for business located in Quezon City Philippines mostly malls is open or whether their powder room is functional. The lady in front of me was obviously not enjoying the heat because she adjusted the air conditioner near her. She was dressed like those of a nurse so I assumed she is. The breeze worsened my condition so I adjusted myself away from her. She noticed my action. And that leads to our conversation.

Me: I don’t like to be near the cold. I’m a bit feeling dizzy due to my car – sickness. I just puke before I got here. (Yes ladies and gentleman I announced my condition to a complete stranger.)

Lady Nurse: Where are you from?

Me: I’ve travelled from ********

Lady Nurse: Oh, it is near.

Me: Yeah. I’ve stopped commuting for a long time. This happens to me each time.

Lady Nurse:  Do you sleep when you are commuting?

Me: No.

Lady Nurse: The tip I can give you is that you should look straight of the road so you won’t feel dizzy.

Me: I know about it and I practice it sometimes.

Lady Nurse: Then maybe you have not eaten breakfast.

Me: I ate. (But in my mind I was saying, I ate but I’ve deposited my breakfast in our toilet.)

By this time she was next to used the only open powder room. Then I was next. I fixed myself since I am on a job hunt that day. I headed out debating if I should eat my second breakfast. I decided not to. But when I go out it started pouring rain that gives me a reason to give the second breakfast a go. Luckily, I still have a time to spare.

While I was deciding what to eat someone tapped my shoulder. I quickly turned and saw that it was the Lady Nurse that I talked to. She asked if I am okay. I told her that I felt the need to eat soup. She decided to join to me since she was waiting for somebody. We go in to a store that specializes in cakes hoping that they served soup. Sadly, they don’t. We ended up in the fast – food store where we first meet.

I ordered macaroni soup while she waits in the corner. She just let me be. When I am halfway my meal she was gone. Maybe she head off with that person she was waiting.

This ends the conversation. The other two will be published in the succeeding months. Before I forget I’d like to mention what I’ve learned in this encounter 1. There are still people who are willing to help. If you have the expertise do not hesitate to help. 2. One way of starting a conversation is by stepping a few inch away.

*Image Source: Stocksnap 


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