02 May 2015


            In one of our group discussion in SFC we talked about the power of wish. Then we were asked to remember our childhood wishes that we eventually realized that it was too good to be true. I was second to the last to share because I cannot remember wishing something that I wanted when I was a child. It occurred to me that I never wished to have Barbie dolls and nice clothes or anything else tangible.

            What I remember was wishing that people can read my mind so that I do not need to explain myself.

            As I grow older I become hesitant to ask something. Sometimes I stop wishing for more blessings because I feel that I do not deserve them. Even in my personal prayers. But that changes. In times I become at ease allowing myself to wish what I really want combined with the power of prayer.

            There are other points discussed on the power of wish. But I’d like to focus on encouraging everyone to make a wish whether you are old or a kid, whether your wish is so high that you are afraid it won’t materialize.

            “When you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” writes Paolo Coelho. Either you asked the universe for it or share it to someone close to you. Who knows?

            So my dear readers go on and make a wish. I do wish that whatever you want would make you happy. I wish that is not something wicked, though.

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