16 May 2015


            A better way of celebrating your birthday if you are not organizing a party is going to a festival. Take the opportunity to be there and be surrounded by festivity. It is like the whole town is celebrating your birthday.

         In my case I got to go to the SUMAKAH festival in Antipolo. It might end up epic because I overlooked the scheduled that was posted on the official Facebook page of the city. The poster says 2 pm; I have to admit that it was not stated on what would happen at that given time. So I assumed that the street dance competition would start at two in the afternoon of May ninth at Sumulong.

            When Noe and I reached at the advertised venue there was nothing going on. I was bewildered. Clearly there had been a mistake on my part. We asked the police officers about the festival? They told us that it was still going on at the Ynares Stadium. So we decided to walk it out up to the stadium. While we are walking we met people who are from the stadium. It means it was over but lucky for us the floats are parked in front. I am so glad that they decided to put them there. Because, there was nothing else to do, honestly. So we take photos as well as the other sight seer.

            You might be wondering, “What is SUMAKAH Festival, anyway?”

            SUMAKAH is an acronym of suman a native Filipino food wrapped in banana or coconut leaves, mangga (mango), kasoy, and hamaka (hammock) which was used as a mode of transportation. These are the major products of Antipolo City.

            The floats were creatively done. Some even manage to put real products like the hammock. It is just bad that I missed the parade. I hope that I will witness it by next year.

             Which festival would you like to see here in the Philippines?



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