26 May 2015


            Generally, we humans should learn how to cook at least, the simple meals. Instant food and food delivery can save us in a day. But what if both of them are not available and all we have are raw ingredients? That’s where our cooking skills would be useful. With this epiphany I have decided to learn how to prepare meals enough to feed myself and hopefully the whole household.

            As a start here’s a very easy recipe of toasted bread without the toaster. This is a way of recycling or reinventing old bread.
·         Bread (old or fresh)
·         Butter
·         Sugar


1.      Using pan melt butter in a low heat.
2.      Put the bread in the pan. Flip the bread if its color turned golden brown.
3.      Repeat procedure 1 and 2 up to the last bread.
4.      Spread sugar at the top of the toasted bread.

Isn’t this easy? Tell me which kind of food would like to see in my blog?

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