29 June 2015


It is with sincerity that I say
To every gentleman that wishes to stay
But never finds a reason to be still
Be patient and look for love that won’t frail

Allow this humble stranger to give you advice
Never judge a girl by her looks but on how she flies
You know she can if she writes poetry
Either she keeps it on her journal or in a bark of tree

So if you must, date a girl who writes poetry
She writes words to be free
When everyone else is dying to find their rhythm
She would sit with her pen trusting it to sign her name

Date a girl who writes poetry
Simply because she values the important of words
For her words once said is said
For her words once written is written

Date a girl who writes poetry
Once you do you’ll never be bored but be challenged
To figure her style and her metaphor
And once you can’t, all you have to do is ask straight

She writes from experience twisted with fiction
From a blank paper to a story that is yours
She is never violent in action
Though she may vent by turning them into a beautiful verse

Date a girl who writes poetry
Because she can balance her passion and her reality
So, my dear stranger, if you must
Date a girl who writes poetry

She who have experienced love more than what she thought
She is magic without pixie dust
She is time capsule

She is magic

21 June 2015



            Earlier today, I saw this girl selling balloons near the church. I wonder how much she needs to earn before she can go home. Her expression does not seem to be okay but after I take this shot she immediately put her businesswoman face on. It’s people like her that I take inspiration.

                And now the Sunday currently:

Unfinished articles in my folder

Names and important dates

20 June 2015


Usually I buy wallets and purses in a mall or have them ordered in a catalogue. I stroll from different stores until I find the perfect color and brand. I’d checked every detail before I pay the item. Yes, I belong to that category of shopper. But then again, it would change as my fund goes tight. 

17 June 2015


           Although I have been busy for the past days I never forget about this space in the blogging community. Expect the following posts in here to be anecdotes of my experiences and some trinkets that I found. Let me start with the food. What can I say, I girl got to eat.

            Gallery Grey offers variety of food and other businesses. This was introduced to me by new boss – Mr. Ben Fuentes (I’ll tell you guys more about my new career in a separate post. So we can focus on the food.) J 

10 June 2015


         I am trying to keep up with all my responsibilities in the SFC community. Although, I have to be absent in some of the scheduled meetings I make sure that I am not missing the spirit of how it is to be as an SFC. One of them is to be careful on what I post online. I take everything into considerations.

There had been a lot of stuff going on right now. Whenever I went to SFC gatherings or meetings I’m always in a hurry because I am running late or I am in hurry going home because I have errands left. That is why I have not taken many photos with them just this decent photo above. But it is okay, I can manage.

Lately in SFC:

1.      There are a good number of CLP participants (as per my perspective). We are growing in numbers and quantity.
2.      Sadly, I was not able to attend one household.
3.      It rained hard during an important event in the community. I practically said, “Thank you Lord!”
4.      I got to attend a mass where SFC is the choir, and I sing with them in the choir loft.
5.      We are missing some of the old members.
6.      I talked to one of the CLP participants who happened to be a Pharmacy student. Imagine how I talked about the subject I am very curious.
7.      With them I have affirmed the power of positive thinking.

09 June 2015



My bad, I was late for the game
I arrived at the half break
It seems my team is winning
Without haste they can go to fame

Chance of good exit is at stake
Before the tossing of the coin
I knew they had fixed the game of power
Fool players for I am not getting any younger

No, I am not bitter on the result
It is just that I always see them
Too common, some tested, some unproven
Without me they can win

Yes! I crave for being a mainstay
They can’t stay on the arena forever
They should sit on the bench for a while
Or pass the ball to the exile

It is just that once in their chance
They go beyond the ability of their power
It is just that before their chance

They don’t prefer the game they are in

07 June 2015


A man will always be back to his first love. No matter where he had been, no matter what he had become, no matter what happened he will be back. It is because in his heart he knows that it is part of the source of his strength. This is exactly the reason why I would not be lost in blogging community. Sure, some weeks I’ll be away but always believe that I will be back. As it is obvious blogging is also my first love.

This week I met new people, talk to interesting strangers. And I discovered something new. How was yours?

Before I tell you back log of stories let us go to the Sunday currently:

I will be reading my notes from my training of becoming a Financial Advisor.

A poem entitled Date A Girl Who Writes Poetry.

Maira Gall