10 June 2015


         I am trying to keep up with all my responsibilities in the SFC community. Although, I have to be absent in some of the scheduled meetings I make sure that I am not missing the spirit of how it is to be as an SFC. One of them is to be careful on what I post online. I take everything into considerations.

There had been a lot of stuff going on right now. Whenever I went to SFC gatherings or meetings I’m always in a hurry because I am running late or I am in hurry going home because I have errands left. That is why I have not taken many photos with them just this decent photo above. But it is okay, I can manage.

Lately in SFC:

1.      There are a good number of CLP participants (as per my perspective). We are growing in numbers and quantity.
2.      Sadly, I was not able to attend one household.
3.      It rained hard during an important event in the community. I practically said, “Thank you Lord!”
4.      I got to attend a mass where SFC is the choir, and I sing with them in the choir loft.
5.      We are missing some of the old members.
6.      I talked to one of the CLP participants who happened to be a Pharmacy student. Imagine how I talked about the subject I am very curious.
7.      With them I have affirmed the power of positive thinking.

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