02 July 2015


              Can you believe it? We are now on the seventh month of the year. I guess it is true that it is slow when we count the days, fast if we barely look at the calendar. I have been thinking if I have been productive enough despite of still having trouble in my finances. 

            Let us assess if the plans that I made for this year is happening or if they turned out to be unimportant plan that I totally ditch.

  • Have a permanent job. I am still working on this. I hope that the new company that I am training now would turn out okay. It’s a commissioned based job that holds pros and cons.
  • Accomplish blog plans. The first plan is to book clients for sponsorship content. Still not happening. Every time I start drafting proposal for my target clients I stop for so many reasons. I guess reading the tips on how to land sponsorship on a blog is not helping me. The second plan is to revamp the look of the blog probably hiring a web designer. I am glad I did not do this immediately because I found a site that offers a free blogger template and I manage to tweak and install it in my blog.
  • Write at least one story in Wattpad. I have been neglecting my Wattpad account since January and to be honest, I think I will not pursue this for now.
  • Learn how to arrange flowers. Still not happening
  •  Learn how to ride a bike. Still not happening.
From upper left: 1. I've meet new and interesting people. It may not be official yet but I am working with them. 2. "To See Every Single Bird on Earth by Dan Koeppel. 3. Logo of Sari - sari by Jhecel 
4. My messy new hair style.

  • Do not forget to drink eight glasses of water every day. I give myself two stars for the water agenda. I only drink water after every meal. L Here’s the funny part, I drink a glass after I read this. 
  • Read fifteen non – fiction books.  I have finished two books. J
  • Re-launch Sari – sari by Jhecel. I have new items on sale now. 
  • Restyle my hair. I cut my hair. I guess it counts. 
  • Remember important dates. Let’s see, I do remember the dates and events but sometimes I have to cancel for personal reason. 
  •  Take a Civil Service exam. I am taking the exam this October. I am telling you guys now so I won’t back out. 
  • Get a passport. Not yet. I think I’ll put this on hold.
  • Check the status of my membership in PhilHealth, SSS, and Pag – IBIG. I have no idea why I include this so I am ditching this. 
  • Connect with old friends. Doing good. 
  • Home makeover: Kitchen cabinet and drawers. It’s the money issue that stopping this project. 
  • Plant a tree. Looking for opportunities to do this. If you know a group or individual that is planning to plant a tree near my place please inform me. 
  • Learn to cook new dishes. I cooked squid once with the guidance of my father. 
  • Don’t give up my spiritual battle. I am continuing to fight for it. 
  • Update my wardrobe. I feel that this will happen soon. 
  • Start writing a journal exactly at January 1, 2015.  I totally failed this.

All in all everything is idle. I hope that the next months will be good for me. I hope good opportunities will come. I am not closing my door. How about you have you reached some of your goals for this year?

**This post is inspired by Helgas’s blog post check it here.


Maira Gall