27 July 2015



            Let us dive in immediately. No more twisted introduction. This is the second of the three strangers whom I had a conversation in one day.

            The man asked me as soon as I exit the call center building. He was smiling. I understand his question and action is a part of his job description. After all I met a few of his kind. They call themselves as recruiter. They would stand for hours and discreetly screen passerby if they are looking for job.

            “Are there other people left in the recruitment area?” he asked

           “Yes there are still people in there. I am the first person who submitted my application.” I answered

            “How was it?” the recruiter asked

            “It was not good. The person in – charge told me that they have to pass my application to another department since I was not applying as a call center agent.” I replied

            We were slowly walking as we speak. I figure that he was avoiding something. Then he said the most important line that he probably told many people.

            “Why won’t you try applying with us? Our interviewer is in this fast food chain.”

            Bless him, that guy; he still smiled even though he knew what my response would be. I said no obviously. I reasoned that I can’t handle the lifestyle of a call center agent.

            “I’ve tried, you know. But I did not get the job.” I confessed

            “Well, maybe this time it would be different.” he said

            We went on talking. He talked how he landed the job. He eventually told me that security guards of the building are keeping an eye on him because he is the territory of their competitor. He said that it is common among call center agent recruiter. He assured me that as we speak some guys from the company that I’ve applied are also in their building trying to get new recruits.

            He was explaining about the benefits on working in the company that he represents when I received a call. I excuse myself to answer the phone call then afterwards I get back to him to tell him that I’d be heading to my other appointment.

            Blabbering or not, he made me forget that I was having a bad day. May that guy achieve his dreams whatever they are.



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