09 July 2015



            You of all people know human’s life cycle. We were born; we live here on earth as temporary resident and God knows when death will come unto us.

            I feel you. Of course, I feel you. I understand your pain. Yours is a different kind of sorrow that I hope and pray to God would not happen to me. I understand you. I lost love ones too – family to be exact. I know how it goes. But, then again I can tell that it is your heart that hurts the most. It is the past that haunts you the most. I know, because, we human being talked about our past often occupying the present day. It is the history of our lives that sometimes we wished we had done things differently. You may ask how we would know if we are doing the right thing if we are unsure of our future. That my dear, I cannot answer. Perhaps, the answer to that question is one of the flaws of our existence.

            That is why some endings shocked us. That is why a death of a person shocked us. That is why the death of your first love left you mourning for almost two years. It is a tragedy we cannot escape. It is a tragedy we will all survive if we are brave enough.

            I know it hurts, and I cannot imagine myself in the same position. Were you by chance hoping that the two of you will get back together? I can tell by your status in your social media accounts.

            This letter does not mean to intrude but to let you know that I understand. Unless you do not want the world to know your story you would not let it go viral over the internet. Have you seen your hits?

            How lucky is your first love. That guy must be happy wherever he is now. You are telling the world your love story. The one that you promised to keep in private is now out in the public. May the soul of your dearly beloved rest in peace.

            Saddie, thank you for sharing your story. It reminds me to be more mindful in everything that I do, and to act and speak love now.

            Cheer up! Better days are coming.

With understanding and love,

Disclosure: This is an open letter. I've change the name and some facts to give privacy to the real Saddie. Any similarities of events are purely incidental.


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