20 August 2015


            The second school year of Cornerstone in Inuman Elementary School had started. It is the same place like last year with ate Tin and Kuya Cons as our team leader.

As of writing this, two sessions have been conducted. But prior to we helped in repainting the classrooms and there had been a meeting on a local eatery which was attended by some of the new members of the SFC community.

I missed the orientation that was held last July 25, and also the first day of evaluation of the tutees. That is why when I showed up for the first time I’m grasping how to interact with the tutees. They are different from the previous batch, of course they are, silly me.

The tutees that were not able to take the DOLCH assessment were separated from the group so that they may take the exam while the others were coloring. And when everyone was done with the assessment the lessons on how to differentiate left and right begun. Kuya Cons was the lead tutor while we assist him.

The coloring material's theme: God Made the World
These two asked me if  the drawing at the man's back is supposed to  be a sky or a grass. I said sky. What do you think?
Kuya Cons demonstrating left and right with the participation of one of the tutee.
A compulsory photo before heading home with the other tutors on background. :)
Learn more about Cornerstone here. If you wish to volunteer as a tutor please do not hesitate to comment below. Cornestone is not only happening in one city. There might be an on-going session near your place.

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