04 August 2015


            No man is an island. No matter how accomplished we are, we have to admit that we need help from all the people we know and from those we didn’t know. Admit it or not, we need someone to survive this challenging world. We cannot isolate ourselves from other people. As it matters, unconsciously we build friendship. It is not important if we won’t remember how we exactly met a certain person as long as we remember how that person has become an inspiration to us. And, if fate separates us with that person at least we hold on to something worth remembering and joyful.

            That is exactly how I remember Joy, my college classmate. I don’t remember us being introduced by common friends. Well, I should say that it is expected if you are in college. Right? I don’t remember her as one of my group mate during class presentation or my sparring partner in our Arnis class in P.E. Back then, the population of our College Department is small – only one section on our batch so we make it a habit to help each other. It was during our internship period I get to know her more.

            Our internship required us 100 hours each in Print, TV, and Radio. Together with my other classmates we were accepted at Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS). Then, we applied at Atlas Publishing Co. Inc.

            Joy, printed a directory of publishing companies in the Philippines. She researched them, and had this idea of applying to all of them if necessary until we are accepted. Her strategy was to go to the nearest company in our place which is Cubao. I did not do anything but follow her. We were lucky with our first try. Presently, she work in a BPO company while living her passion to write in which she accomplished in Wattpad.

            With great honor, I present to you my awaited written interview with my friend. 

Once you told me that your first course was BS Nursing. Why did you decide to shift into MASS COMM?

Yes, you remember it right, I took BS Nursing for a year before shifting to Mass Comm. Actually, Nursing is really out of my line however that is what my mom dreamt for me, so I gave it a shot. But truly, if you don’t like what you are doing, you’ll always get bored, and that exactly what happened to me.

I chose Mass Comm not because I want exposure or spotlight but because aside from seeing myself on screen, I also like sharing my thoughts through writing.

What made you decide to write stories on Wattpad?

I don’t have anyone to talk to and I am going through something when I started my first story and from there, it boomed. After receiving votes and comments from random readers, I was motivated to go on. One thing I love about story writing is that, you are holding the pen. You are the one to decide of what will happen next, unlike in real life, things will not always go to what you want it to be.

Who is your favorite author? How does that author inspire you to write?

I don’t have anyone in particular but I love reading Anna Todd’s and Colleen Hoover’s novel. Some of pajama_addict’s, kikiceleste’s wattpad stories as well. They wrote pretty well, like you don’t want to stop once you started and that just means they’re effective. And that inspires me a lot, I want my readers to read my stories that way.

What are your career plans? Are you pursuing writing?

Career plans, I want to step up in the industry I am currently on, BPO. I would love to pursue professional writing but my work is not allowing me to do so. But much thanks to WATTPAD for giving me a bit of it, for allowing me to be a writer.

What are your other interests in life?

Aside from writing, I also enjoy surfing the net, reading novels and chatting with friends. Oh, I love playing with my dogs as well; they’re my babies, my stress reliever. I know how to cook but not quite well. I love singing alone so no one could hear my golden voice. I frankly do not know how to dance, I was given two left legs, I guess.

 How do you balance your life activities?

Time management, knowing what to prioritize. That’s it!

Can you share your favorite quotes from the stories you have written.

“Nakakatawa na yung mga iniiyakan ko noon, tinatawanan ko nalang ngayon.”

“Flirt today and forget it tomorrow.”

“I want a REALationship not a realationSHIT.”

There are some other quotes so you better read My First Romance. Hehe. J But I greatly suggest you to check Perfectly Yours too, witty lines to be watched out there.

If you can describe your writing style in one word what would it be?

Realistic. All scenes are near to life. I remember writing a chapter when I was at Starbucks and all the food I ordered were all mentioned on that chapter. Lol. I write whenever an urge hit me. Wherever.

What life lessons would like to share to my readers?

If a story is in you, it has to come out. Share it.

Lastly, what Filipino culture or values you are proud of?

Well, I love the fact that we, Filipinos are goal oriented. If we want it, we’ll do everything to achieve it. 

Author’s note: This is a written interview. The sole purpose of publishing this article is to share story of people that had been an inspiration to me. This is also a way of honoring them. If you would like to be part of this series or if you know someone who deserved recognition by writing about them please comment below.

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