12 September 2015



            There are choices that had been decided for all of us even without our consent. No matter how we hate it if it is for us we cannot escape it. There are rewards given to us even if we do not compete for it. Lucky are those who recognize the importance of such rewards; lost are the obstinate one. There are battles we have to fight until we win. There are battles we have to retreat.

            And so, I write this letter to a girl who thinks that she never wins. You and I are in the same phase of this adulthood. Perhaps it is necessary to reiterate that you are not alone.

            To a girl who never wins it is okay. Let me ask you, “Have you decided your battle?” If yes, then I honor you for fighting them. You must be exhausted now. I am too.  Are the things that you wish to have are so meaningful that you are willing to sacrifice? Is this for you alone or for the sake of all the persons that you love the most? Then, who is your nemesis?

            To a girl who never wins it is okay to ask for help. You are part of the system. Everything that you would do affects everyone. It is your duty to report your current situation. Sadly, other people are not sensitive to their surroundings. They cannot detect your struggles easily because some of them are clouded with their recent battles. You deserve help! You have to admit that you cannot do everything alone. You have to accept with all humility that you are in the verge of losing and you need the Master.

            The Master needs you to have faith in Him. You may not have seen it but He is doing His way. He assures you that if it is for you it would be given to you. If it you still have not got it perhaps it is not meant to be. Have faith. Be strong.

To a girl who never wins you should never lose hope because it is not over. As long as you have access to life you still have the chance to redeem yourself. Continue strive for your right but remember that sometimes it is best to cool down. Go over and think how to use your resources well; no matter how small and unusual they are. They are more than enough to a determined person.

            Just like you I do not understand the whole mechanics of everything, especially life. I question every battle that I have lost. I wonder what I have done wrong. Sometimes I feel that I am used to it that I would not notice that I have already lost one battle. Despite all of these thoughts I believe that it does not matter if you win or lose the game. It is on how you play the game. It is also on how you use your rewards after winning the game.


  1. Such very powerful words. Reading the title of this post makes me think of 1.) love 2.) success in life 3.) winning a battle 4.) friends and society. I sometimes wish living in an invisible phase would really help. I have always been a ghost in my school, so I can really relate to this, J. Sometimes, being jolly and happy is a total disadvantage, because people will no longer notice you dead soul inside. It's okay not to win, but you do not deserve hopelessness either. And this being said, I do not know if I am making any sense. But all for you, Jhecel, you deserve so much more- More than you could ever imagine. Much love from me to yours :)

    Lou | wander-soul.net

    1. When I was writing this letter I was pouring everything that I felt. I was not aware that this sounds melancholy. I was thinking about all the things we keep on wanting but we still don't have. Life in general. Thank you for lifting my spirit, Lou. :) I wish you good luck in life. :)

  2. This moved me into tears. Chos, haha. Yes sis, we must know are battles coz maybe, we’re not winning because we’re fighting for the wrong battle. Exactly what I’m feeling right now. I do not what I really want. “There are battles we have to fight until we win. There are battles we have to retreat.” #Discernment

  3. Noe, sis! I miss you my avid reader too. True, not knowing what we want is the hardest because we tend to go with the way others do with their lives. I hope we both have that enlightenment soon. #Discernment


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