03 September 2015


                After talking to the Lady Nurse and the Call Center Guy I have decided to eat lunch at Chowking there I met the third stranger. Two sets of conversations with strangers in half a day is a record for me. It turned out that I will break it after an hour. The conversation was short and nonidentical.

            Once I have my lunch I settled myself in a table near the condiments area. An old lady whom I assumed the same age with my grandmother approached to get her utensils. She started to talk as soon as I initiate eye contact.

            Grandma: “Tingnan mo ang magkasintahan na iyan. Masyado silang       bata para magkaroon ng relasyon. Noong kabataan ko hindi ganyan. Mahawakan lang ang kamay ng babae kasal na agad. Sobrang iba na ang henerasyon ngayon. Tingnan mo kung paano manumit ang babae.Tsk.” (“Look at those couple. They’re too young to be in a relationship. When I was younger it was not like that. When the guy touches the hand a wedding is immediately prepared. This generation is very different. Look how that lady dressed herself. Tsk.”)

            I turned my head in to the direction that she pointed and nodded. After that she left.

            Me: Well, she has a point. Judging from her reaction she seemed scandalized. She sure is conservative. I wonder how her grandchildren react around her. Hmm. At least, she was able to say her opinion.

                     Me: Will you please just finish your lunch.

            And so I did. I left with a light mood wondering how those conversations would matter in the future.


  1. Glad to meet a fellow singles for christ..
    I've always wanted to volunteer at Cornerstone, and maybe now I will as soon as they will open a site here..

    1. Hi sis! :) I am happy that we found each other. I've been with SFC in one year and counting. I hope to see you in the future community assembly. Which sector do you belong?


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