12 September 2015


            I indulged myself with the things I can do. Waiting for certain plans to unfold is eventually tiring, yes, I have to admit that. That is why I have decided to tick on item on my to-do list even though it is not yet its time. The perfect time for a photowalk, in my opinion, is when I already own a DSLR precisely Canon. Can’t I have a photowalk with the camera that I currently used? Of course, yes! It is just my pride and doubts that is stopping me.

            So, one morning when my friend Noe and I decided to meet up early because I need to borrow books and it is the most compatible time for us I decided to bring my digital camera with me. I hope on seeing sunrise that day. I did not. The theme that I planned was marketplace in a sunrise but it did not happened because I was late for the sunrise. One thing I learned is that if you want to photograph sunrise you have to wake up super early, ahead of the sun rays, and checking the weather report on what time the sun will rise will help.

            To pacify myself, I decided to walk farther. I reached this spot where the wild grass are growing near the road. People were coming out for work. Boy, whatever they think of me when I stopped to take a photo of a withered grass I do not mind.  Or when I look up in the sky, pointed my camera to the gloomy sky. Well now, haven’t they seen the heart shaped clouds hiding in the electric wires?

            Here’s a confession, I haven’t seen the heart shaped cloud or even the bug until I edited the lightning of the photos. Yup, they made it here in the gallery because they have a story to tell.

            I discovered that photowalk is never fun if you are alone. While shooting I have to positioned myself in a safe place not to near the road. I was thinking that I need a partner in case I forgot to think of my safety first.

            Have you done a photowalk before? Share me your link so that I can check your work.

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