14 September 2015

Plea of A Clueless Heart

Plea of A Clueless Heart
I know it from the start
That truly I adore you
From the deepest of my heart
It shouts I Love You

In me I let it be keep
For know its craziness
This feeling takes me so long to sleep
It really makes me feel life’s loneliness
I implore you then, hear its cry
Wound be cured
By making a try
To love me so pure

If you do so you’ll have no regret
In my arms you will not feel sadness
For I dedicate my life until my last breath
The pains I suffer is all for your happiness

Please don’t let me hear you say
That you don’t want to love
I beg for your love and mercy
Oh Boy! Please learn to love me

    I wrote this when I was in high school. I still remember the feeling after I finished this poem. It feels good because finally I got to express myself but I was afraid of the perceptions of the people especially my classmates that will be able to read this. And so today, as I let go of the inhibitions I am sharing this to all of you. I hope that this is the start of ME not being afraid to show the world myself and my craft. I encourage you to do the same. Happy Monday!

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