05 September 2015


            Happiness is a state of mind. The more we think of the happy things that had happened the more we attract good karma. When I am sad I think all the good memories even if I am not directly involve. And so, here I am listing them. You should too. Comment below if you made your own happy list.

1.    I have found peace within myself. I have come to accept that I cannot control everything. And that finally, I have acknowledged that not all my plans are working.
2.    Gilas Pilipinas – the official basketball team of Philippines for Jones Cup won the game versus New Zealand.
3.    Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye on the local TV. I love all the characters they are funny and entertaining especially Lola Nidora.
4.      Blogging.
5.      Finding a blogger who is also in the SFC community.
6.      The photowalk that I have done on my own recently. I will be posting them here soon.
7.      My brother’s silly dance move.
8.  The water interruption scheduled by our provider Manila Water was cancelled.
9.      Somewhat understanding Math problems, equations, and formulas.
10.  Reading my high school classmates’ motto in my slum book.
11.  Luci and Joy , my college friends, will be celebrating their birthday on the 24th and 8th day of this month.
12.  I’ve finally finished publishing all three conversations with strangers here in the blog.

I cannot commit to Helga’s Friday's 10 Happy Things link – up so I write this instead. You can also check – out my other Happy List here.

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