14 October 2015

A Letter of Gratitude To Everyone

            Years ago I wished that people would think and act the same. So that explaining would not be difficult and being a stereotype would not matter. But then I realize that it would not work out as I wanted and that everything will be repeating as it is. There will be no past and no future, only the never changing present.

            We are created by God differently bestowed with countless traits and capabilities. Each of us has a contribution in this world. Each of us has something good to offer. How foolish am I to wish such thing? We need each other. We owe our lives almost to everyone especially God.

            That is why it is with warm heart that I scribble every word in this letter to everyone. I am afraid and aware that sometimes I forgot to express my gratitude to a person who have given his assistance or guidance to me. I know this cannot make –up to all the opportunities that I missed. Yet, I would like to do it now anyway.

            To a father who endures more than eight hours of work and always find a solution to every short noticed school requirements, thank you.  To a mother who thinks of her family first, thank you. To a brother who acts as the sensible one, thank you.

            To cousins who designated themselves as protector against the bullies, thank you. To all the aunts who never failed to show up on school events, and to that especial aunt who acts as parent to every nephew and niece left under her care, thank you. To uncles enlisted as “spies” just to ensure our safety whenever our parents are not around, thank you.

                To all my friends I have not seen in months. I owe you guys!

            To all the teachers who have endeavored to teach me everything that I need to know in school, thank you, and to my unexpected mentors too.

            To all leaders of every nation whose intention is to serve the public with honesty and integrity thank you. To leaders of the religious sectors that are always praying for peace and love within their church and the world may your soul be blessed.

And to those who continues to share their talent, time, and treasure. I can enumerate names in here but I think you know who you are. For always improving yourself so you can be better and help improved the lives of other people. For inspiring other dreamers like me that we can achieve our dreams too. You always find time to be with the person that you care the most. You never hesitate to share a portion of your possessions to the needy. Sometimes you said you have nothing but you have always something to offer.

And to you, who is reading this letter. Accept my gratitude for simply living your life. Who knows what fate would bring into our lives. I believe that all our actions and decisions will affect other people’s lives. We may be strangers until we die but because you are here striving to be different, trying to understand the way of this world, hoping to contribute in our society I can say that somehow our lives entwined, somehow we share the same thoughts, and help each other secretly.



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