22 October 2015

Second Letter to D.K.

I am still the same. Nothing has changed. I still go to the library every Wednesday. The librarian is strict as ever. She made me write an apology letter for staining a portion of the book cover of Gardening and Landscaping. I argued that it was already there when I picked up the book but she did no listen. She threatened to send me to the Guidance Counselor’s office so I did what she told me.

The next day I overheard one a freshman from the Integrity class that she had been punished for staining a book cover. I got curious so I followed her. She was holding the same book that had caused my stress. It was the same! The poor girl was told to replace the book. I could have saved her from having a record in the Counselor’s office but the bell for Chemistry class rung.
I am still the same. I can’t speak up to defend others much myself. If you were here you’d probably drag me to the library and you’d probably make a scene while I stand at your side completely silent. I’d flinch every time the librarian would raise her voice. Your dad would definitely support your notion.
I told Aunt Lenny about the whole thing. She told me to do something. Well, I did something. I put an ad on every bulletin board in school campus looking for second – hand book about gardening and landscaping. Two days later I was talking to the freshman girl.
Anyway, how are you? Did you pass the test?



Disclosure: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities of events or names of person mentioned is purely coincidental.   Photo source

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