30 October 2015

Superstitious Beliefs Of Our (Filipino) Family

Ever since I was a child I was told to do things just because it was one of the superstitious beliefs that my father’s side of the family has been following. Sometimes I’d dare to disobey but it would only result in the argument within the family.

            It is my hope in listing these beliefs to inform those who do not entertain old traditions that are currently implemented in the Philippines. We never know, the next place that you will be visiting is observing these beliefs more strictly than mine.

1.      Sweeping floors during the night.
2.      Sewing or stitching on night time.
3.      Cutting nails on evening especially on a Friday.
4.      Wearing red on a funeral.
5.      Friday the 13th.
6.      Double wedding (Sukob) within the family.
7.      Wearing the bride’s wedding gown before the wedding day.
8.      Seeing your fiancé a day before the wedding.
9.      Going on a trip a day or a week before your birthday.
10.  Encountering a black cat crossing the street.
11.  Using broken plates and glasses.
12.  Using broken mirror.
13.  Cleaning the table when somebody is still eating.
14.  To refuse in being a godparent.
15.  Selling needles or any pointed objects during night.
16.  Using more than one plate and/or glasses at the same time when having a meal.
17.  Bringing back the foods brought to the cemetery during a burial.
18.  Picking up coins or candies you’ve come across while walking.
19.  Giving shoes as a gift. To dispel the bad luck the recipient must give money in any amount to the giver.
20.  Paying your debts during night.

1.      It is good luck if a cat gives birth in your closet.
2.      Wearing polka dots clothes during New Year.
3.      Keeping a coin on your shoe during  a presentation.
4.      Putting coins on the floor permanently in the entrance of the house.
5.      Wearing amulets.
6.      Betting on a relative’s death anniversary or birthday.
7.      Putting money on the hand of the dead once inside the coffin.
8.      If you give to a child with a snake as his/her twin.
9.      Number nine.
10.  Using books as your pillow.
11.  Skipping three steps of a stair on the very first day of your monthly period.
12.  Always having salt in the kitchen even if no one is living in the house.
13.  Getting married on a full moon.
14.  Preparing pancit (a local dish with noodles) on birthdays and having round fruits on New Year’s Eve.
15.  Oro, plata, mata. It means gold, silver, and gold. The number of stairs in the house should end in oro.
16.  Dropping animal blood on the foundation of the house being built.
17.  Holding the womb of a pregnant woman.
18.  Keeping the child’s first ever haircut in a book.
19.  Putting the pulled tooth in a rock.
20.  Not spending  the first sale of your business.

Does your family have superstitious beliefs that are being implemented since you were a child? Share them on the comment below. Also, have you notice that some of the beliefs listed are not supposed to be done at night?

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  1. Hahaha... Sila mama sa tindahan, yung buena mano.. Pinapagpagpag un pera sa mga tinda.. Binabasbasan ba.. Tsaka wag gagastos pag lunes. Yung pinto ng bahay dapat nakaharap sa silangan. Haha astig sis, yung iba dyan di ko alam ah.

  2. Di ba ang dami nila. Ito lang ang mga natatandaan ko. Karamihan dito sa tatay ko nalaman lalo na 'yong mga pamahiin sa paggawa ng bahay.


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