23 October 2015

Taking Gifting to The Next Level


   There is one wish that I would like to be granted this Christmas, that is having a permanent and full – time job. If I have one I can help pay the bills.  In case my curious friends, family, and godmother stumble here in my blog and wanted to wrap presents for me. I’d say a DSLR Canon, pair of shoes, Bohemian inspired dress, a new phone, and adult coloring book with colored pencils.

In return I am digging these gift ideas that I found on Pinterest. As you can see these are DIY gift ideas. I am going to gather all the art and craft materials that I have and see what I can use. I am taking this gift giving to the next level.

For my family. That would be my presence. Every Christmas my father’s side of family organized a reunion. My responsibilities changes from doing small errands for the party and taking photos during the said event. If I have money, I definitely know what to buy for them. Let’s see. My father would love to receive a new set of CCTV camera (he wants to catch the thieves responsible for all our lost household items.) My mother would love a bus ticket to Samar to see my grandparents. My brother would love to have a lunch out with the whole family.

For my friends. DIY Christmas cards, scrapbook, and recycled books.

For my godchildren. I am filling up mason jars with candies plus some coloring books and crayons.

            Let us not forget that the true spirit of Christmas is giving back to those that are in absolute need. Specially the little ones that have been neglected in the simplest pleasure of being a child like having decent meals and toys. 

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”   Mother Teresa
What (you and) I can do:

1.      Volunteer in different NGO or in your local community. I have been a volunteer for Cornerstone for almost one year. I’ve witnessed how the kids react when we celebrated Christmas party. They smiled with content as if they never received a present before. I’d like to experience that again this Christmas.
2.      Donate a book. There is always a need for books. In one of my visit in our town’s library the librarian mentioned that they are open for book donations. They said that they are accepting any kind of book. I will contact them later to know where the possible drop off is.
3.      Donate a teddy bear. For only Php 200.00 (you and) I can keep one bear and donate the other to various orphanages and charitable institutions through the SM Cares program.

“For more updates about this year’s “Merry SM Christmas” campaign, visit SM’s official Christmas microsite and follow its official social media accounts at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber. Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag #MerrySMChristmas2015.”

   This article is an entry to Nuffnang's blog contest 
in partnership with SM SuperMalls.  

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