05 October 2015

The Happy List // 2

Ah life! Nothing much happened but it felt like something good is happening soon. It started when I shun away all the negative thoughts. And so, I list people or things that made me happy. I wish you guys are happy wherever you are. Go on be happy and take a risk!

1.      I was able to attend SFC’s activities. I am glad I was able to attend one GMT and three household with my new head. It seems everyone is busy in SFC too we were not able to chit chat after the GMT because everyone is headed to their scheduled activities.

2.      Gilas Pilipinas won the silver medal for FIBA Asia Championship. At least, they ranked second to China. I’ve watched the games on a local free TV channel with my brother and I’ve seen how determined our national team was to get the only slot to Rio Olympics. New fan of Terrence Romeo here!

3.      I have warmed up with my Cornerstone tutees. See the photo above? That’s the first two girls I am tutoring this season.

4.      Our washing machine had been fixed. Some rat ate the wires of our washing machine in the house. Good thing my father knows how to fix it.

5.      The weather. It is not hot anymore.

6.      I found my SFC notebook. It is a notebook where I jot down the talks and other stuff about SFC (Singles For Christ). I found it at the back of the drawer of our cabinet.

7.      De – cluttered my business email. I moved all the emails from a certain person to a different folder. Then I deleted all the promotional emails. I hope to do the same with my other email account.

8.      Watching make – up tutorial video. Yup, you read it right. I am finally serious on learning how to paint my face. I have new mascara, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, and a BB Cream. I you have tips for beginners please feel free to comment below.

9.      My favorite TV shows are back. The Vampire Diaries season 7 will air this week on ETC. Hunter x Hunter is back with new episodes on GMA 7 (a local TV channel).

10.  New blog theme and design. I found this new blog design that I am using right now on Pinterest. I like how clean this is! It was easily installed. Thank you Maira for providing bloggers like me a free blog design.


  1. Haha. Nahanap mo na un nb mo. :)

    1. Oo ng hindi sinasadya. :) Kaso naghihiwalay na ang mga pages.


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