19 November 2015

Cornerstone Diary: MOA Signing Ceremony, Letters VOX, and Fun Game with YFC

CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School         
    I’ve been hearing plans for Cornerstone’s Christmas party in the last sessions. To be honest, I can’t believe that it is almost December. No wonder the kids are motivated to participate and be good in group sessions. So much had happened. Here’s a photo diary of Signing of Memorandum of Agreement, lessons of letters VOX, and some snaps from the YFC.

The MOA Signing Ceremony

  To formalize the affiliation between Inuman Elementary School and Cornerstone the Memorandum of Agreement Signing Ceremony was held last October 24, 2015. It was attended by the representatives of the school and of the Cornerstone. Talks were delivered. I did not hear much of them because my attention was on the kids. Plus I was taking some photos. It was a bit tiring day since we proceed to have a regular session.

CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School
The parents of the tutees are always eager to support any activities that can nourish their child's knowledge.
Look at that kid staring in the camera. ;)

CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School

We were called to have a group photo then we go back to continue our activities.

Fun Game with the YFC (Youth for Christ)

   With YFC, it’s nothing serious. Lessons are always integrated with games. Sometimes they would teach songs and dance. Importantly it is the good values and conduct that they are focusing on teaching the tutees. Last Saturday it was about following directions and trusting the person guiding you when you see nothing.
The tutees with their blindfold listening to the instructions given by one of the members of YFC. See that girl in the right corner? She did not move until the game started.

Christina and Joan. They are my students for this school year.

Leicia and her little brother.

Left, left, stop. No, no. Right.

We had to finish the game no matter what.

Learning letters VOX

  There are always three letters that are taught every Saturday. Some are familiar with them yet they are shy when asked. The letter’s pronunciations are also introduced with examples. I find letter X to be difficult in terms of pronunciation yet the tutees manage to say it loud. The lead tutor last Saturday is a teacher by profession. When he started talking the tutees were listening intently. It was different when I was the lead tutor.

Kuya Cons assisting the lead tutor.

The question, "Who wants to live in  a volcano?", was asked. The majority of the tutees raised their hands.  Oh, the fun of being a kid.

Meet Prince.

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