05 December 2015

Cornerstone Diary: A Minion Invades Us!

CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School

A minion invades us! Well, sort of.

CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School
See? He loves The Minions too.
The ever creative Kuya Cons decided to use a character from the movie Minions for his visual aid. The tutees (students) were excited to draw it. They keep on coming back at the back part of the room where it was being painted. They wanted to copy the exact minion that we have. So I posted the printed version on the board. My, my, they were happy. I bet yellow crayons were getting shorter that day.

 They were eager to participate in the group session. It was used to practice reading to syllables words. Little by little it was losing its hair. HAHAHAHA.

Meanwhile, I was in-charge of Kuya Kalvin’s precious camera while he acted as the lead tutor for the day. I love using that camera. It has wide lens. And I can focus on my subject, like the minion, from afar but I don’t have those photos taken from his camera. Good thing I remember to take photos from my own camera.

The tutees that I handled were good readers. We were reading Dolch alphabet fast. I promised to read story book next time. I hope I find one interesting story.  What would you recommend?
CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School
We studied letters Y and Z.
CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School
Kuya Cons with the November birthday celebrants.
CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School
Happy Birthday, kids!
Beautiful flower in planted in the school ground.

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