02 January 2016

A Prayer for 2016

There had been discussions over social media and among my group of friends about posting a prayer online. Some think that it is not necessary because praying should be done in private and should not be publicized. They argued that it should be our personal connection with God. Personally, I agree with their reasons but it keeps me thinking that it is okay. There might be someone who will be evangelized or be reminded that there is power in prayer especially if you have prayer partners.

Let us pray for our families to become closer. That our family may stick together no matter what conflict arises. May each member of the family be in good in health – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. May Christ or whoever Almighty (depending of your religion) be the center of our family’s lives. We may find time to attend family gatherings, especially with the little ones. That our families continue to support and nourish one another, and that we may be blessed financially. Above all, may our home be filled with love, faith, hope, and understanding.

Let us pray for all the teachers in profession or as a volunteer to remain a teacher. May their hearts be fulfilled despite the difficulties of the education system of our country. May they stay patient to their students especially to those who have special needs and to those who are stubborn. That they would find time to nurture their talent, and to gain wisdom so that they would be confident in the classroom. Also, let us pray that they would not be tempted to spank uncooperative students.
Let us pray for all the leaders of our church that they may continue to be a good example to all of us, and that they may stay healthy and encouraging. And, also to the leaders of our country that they may be a true leader that we needed.

Let us pray for our country to be in peace. May we not be at war.

Let us pray for ourselves that we may be always enthusiastic in pursuing our dreams. We may have the heart to try new adventures. We may live celebrating life with the people we love. We may strengthen our relationship with God. We may be at peace with ourselves first, before anyone else. And, that forgiveness will not be difficult. We may able to nurture our relationship with our family, friends, and those that we will meet this year. We may always be ready the surprises that God will bestow on us. And, to all of us jobless, we may actively seek for greater opportunities for us to earn money so that we can earn money for our needs.

Also, let us not forget to pray for the less fortunate that they may find hope despite their shortcomings. And, to those who are poor in spirit to find light in their spiritual struggles.

And that we may able to act with mercy and compassion even though no one else is looking.


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