17 February 2016

A Love Letter To The Queen of Isolation


My queen, now that you have decided not to be alone anymore; hold on to yourself. You have to believe that everything will be okay. If you are terrified and not sure of what will become, remember that you have me.
I may not have the solution to your problems. I may not surpass your parent’s expectations. I may not meet your standard for an ideal man. I cannot offer you the moon. I am telling you now it is impossible. But because you have seen the light of me, and you have taken the risk of loving me I pledge to give you the best of me.

Thank you for trusting me. Understand that I am in love with you. Never doubt it. Do not think that I rescued you from isolation because of pity. Whatever characteristic that you have separates you among the other queens that I have met.

I see why you try to isolate yourself from the crowd. I see why you choose not to         fight back. I see why you come back to that place even though you publicly declared that you are annoyed at some part of it. You are willing to change.

Thanks, God! You said yes.

Now, that I am a part of you, and you are mine. I would not demand you to call me every hour. I would not stop you from going to places nor would I stop you from meeting different kinds of people. I will not bother you if you want to be alone. All I ask is that you will be honest with your feelings. You have to, please, because all my past relationship failed because I am clueless. If ever you are angry with me you have to tell me first before you tell your best friend. That you would listen before we argue. Please. Say a prayer for me and for our relationship. Of course, I will do the same.

I cannot protect you all the time. I am sorry for that. We would be tested in ways we won’t understand. We just have to be strong.

Let us practice karate together if you want.

Let us be constant of showing our love to one another. Never hesitate. You have the permission to declare me yours, to be silly in front of me should you feel, and to stare at my body.

Never hesitate to be yourself with me. I would not mind seeing your messy hair or your mismatch shoe and skirt. The important thing is we would not lose ourselves.

You have to be patient.

Be patient with me if all you are getting are corny jokes. Be patient with me whenever I try to explain myself. Be patient with me when I am working with my paint brush and new canvass. Be patient with until I am finish conversing over the phone or when I am sending e – mails. So that when we are together you got my whole attention. I want to focus on you.

I like you a lot and I love you. Never doubt it.

Thinking of you,
Your king in disguise

If you are the queen what would be your response?

Disclosure: "A Love Letter To The Queen of Isolation" is a work of fiction. Any similarities in real life are purely accidental. Photo courtesy: Unplash

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