09 February 2016

The Happy List // 4


Last year I have noticed that I have been publishing melancholy letters and thoughts in my blog and on my social media accounts. I have found out that it was not healthy. To remedy everything, The Happy List series is back!

1.      I’ve noticed that I am less pessimistic these days.
2.      My father started his new job or shall I say project today.
3.      The weather is breezy.
4.      My cousin’s daughter was baptized last Sunday.
5.      Flowers and fog.
6.      Blog post ideas are instantly coming.
7.      Smooth flowing Cornerstone sessions.
8.      Discovering awesome blogs to read and follow.
9.      I am alive and healthy.
10.  Walking in Divisoria (a flea market here in PH) with no hustle at all.
11.  Pink dolls.
12.  I’ve restored my ebook.
13.  Catching up with the new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Supergirl.

How about you? What makes you happy these days?


  1. Yes to awesome, awesome weather! :) Happy weekend, Jhecel!


    1. :) And the weather is still the same. I can't complain about it.

  2. you are an ebook collector? what are the stories you prefer to read? I have a collection of ebooks and I'm willing to share it. Btw your blog is awesome!! Godbless


Maira Gall