09 April 2016

An Open Letter to Next President of the Philippines


The five of you divided the whole nation. Even in our house, we share our opinions with our choice of the next president of the Philippines. We have not spoken about it, but I like to believe that we agree to disagree. We see every good intention of each of you but there are flaws in your promises that we cannot ignore. I am sure that most of the Filipinos would agree with me here.

We are weighing whose flaws would damage us and the entire nation less.

I hope that whoever wins this election would unite us again. Make us see sense to cooperate in your leadership. Surely, you cannot lead without us. My generation does not need another former president in jail or in a hospital. We need someone to stand up against the bullies!

If one of you will lead us into “tuwid na daan” (straight road) I guess, it would not hurt your feeling if some of us would not mind bumpy roads. What matters are how we get there, where we are going, and who we are with.

If one of you will lead the government with a heart, the buzzing question I have been pondering is, “What kind of heart?” Sometimes there is a heart that does not listen to reason. There is a heart that would sacrifice everything logical just because.
If one of you really knows what we need, what this nation needs I pray that we are on the same page.

Understand that some of us want change. I hope that the change that you will lead us is not a change that would be described as nightmare and carnage by our children.

With faith, hope, and respect!
The Undecided Voter

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  1. Very well said Jhecel! Hope our future president will read this :)


    1. Thank you Ashley. :) Let's hope that one of their staff will read this.

  2. I hope for the same thing too! Everybody's tired of all the corruption and nonsense that's happening in our country--enough already. It's a good thing hosted debated are now a thing. In a way, it helps is know our candidates better.

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Yes! Those debates are helpful. The vice- presidential candidate that I opted to vote does not stand firmly to important matters. I feel like his memorizing everything that he said. I am switching.

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