09 May 2016

25 Life Lessons at 25

To celebrate my birthday I listed 25 life lessons that I’ve learned through the years. These were impromptu since I am just taking a break from the power point presentation that I am doing for Cornerstone.

1.      Our parents will never abandon us even if we feel like they are doing so.
2.      Working while hungry will make irritable and unproductive.
3.      Mind over matter.
4.      A positive thought is equals positive vibes.
5.      Prayer is the best weapon.
6.      Life is a matter of perspective.
7.      One should understand the hierarchy of power when in work.
8.      Have faith in yourself.
9.      Sometimes, the degree you earn in college is not enough. You need to have awesome skills and never ending self – confidence.
10.  If it bothers you then do something about it.
11.  Ask help. Pride would take you to nothing.
12.  Keep dialing that phone until someone answers it.
13.  When lost in unfamiliar territory don’t act like one but make sure to ask directions on police officers and traffic enforcers.
14.  Walking outside is the best way to get writing ideas.
15.  Thank you, please, and sorry are still the magic words.
16.  Never spend more than your income. The best partition is 70 – 30.
17.  Karma is always around the corner.
18.  Crackers are best baon.
19.  Waxing is better than shaving.
20.  Never compromise yourself.
21.  If you want to see the sunrise you have to wake up early and if you want to see the sunset you have to stay out late.
22.  Entertain suitors if they come; decline them politely if you can’t.
23.  Attending weddings can change your perspective on marriage.
24.  Personal touch is important. Do not rely on the social media or else you will live on pixels.
25.  Crying cleanses the soul. Laughing energize the soul.

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