07 May 2016

Cristina Villas Triggered Old Memories

Last April we celebrated birthdays. It was fun considering that we are unsupervised by the “adults”. It was an overnight swimming at Cristina Villas a mountain resort and hotel located at Taktak Road, Antipolo City.

Oddly enough, the place triggers old memories. Back to the day when I thought I am in love with someone. 

When I was dipping my feet unto the pool an old fear of the unseen came back. Although I knew that it was only 5 feet deep I still let someone shorter than me stand  up to their feet.  Every time I am on my toes I make sure that a pool attendant is nearby, at Villa Cristina they are always on standby. Always ready to blow their whistle whenever some teens would attempt to ride the slide or when some toddler would go nearby the adult pool unattended.

When I saw some guys acting as much how gentleman they can be with their girl I admit I remember someone. Mind you there are lots of them. Hey! I can take care of myself.

When I saw the kiddie pool and splash in it I remember I have never been in one when I was a kid. Since no one stopped us; we enjoyed ourselves.  There were plenty of kiddie pools in Cristina Villas, and the kids were probably sleeping since it was almost 2 am.

Over – looking, buildings in nearby city – Pasig were light up like the stars. We guess which building is which. It was so beautiful.  Earlier the sunset was also breathtaking making wish that I have decent lens.

You are looking at the abstract of the buildings over-looking at Antipolo.
I swear this sunset is more appealing, more beautiful in your eyes.

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