06 June 2016

My First Blogapalooza Experience

Last May 21, 2016, I attended Blogapalooza held at Prosperity Hall, Elements Centris. Its theme was chartering the unchartered.  It was overwhelming! That is why I opted to learn through the talks of different speakers.

Here are the highlights in letters. (BLOGAPALOOZA)

Bloggers. Seeing the other bloggers in person is a proof that everything is real. That there is a person behind the pixels, flatlays, and interesting stories. I have confirmed that there are many people that are considering Blogging as a new industry.

Light conversation with the COO sitting next to me. I did not realize who she was until the next speaker was called. She stood  up and went up to the stage. I should have an idea when I saw her phone open to power point presentation. She was Engr. Grace Bandad Nicolas of  Tag Media & Public Relations. She talked about "Strategic Blogger Relations". She asked, "Why do you blog?" at the start of her talk. A blogger answered: to meet new friends. In my mind, I was saying, "To keep me sane."

Ordering my free business card at the Speedy Cards booth. My regret upon arriving at the venue is not bringing calling cards with me. I was happy when I saw their booth. I was eyeing the plastic cards but eventually, it came with a price. Only the standard calling card is free.

 Getting freebies from different booths. These guys from Arla were friendly and generous. I keep coming back for their smoothies. I got to bring home cheesy spread.

Affirmation. What I do is good. It is okay. Blogging can be transformed as a brand. I should not stop.

Norman Agatep

Photograph with Mr. Norman Agatep. Pardon my face. :) As a former Account Executive he's someone I look up to.

Again. Meaning I should be present for the next Blogapalooza. Next time I'll be more prepared with calling cards, realiable WIFI, and a friend. Going solo in a blogging event is lonesome.

Some of the Blogapalooza Horizons speakers from left to right: Norman Agatep -  President & Managing Director of Grupo Agatep, Matec Villanueva - CEO of  Publicis Manila, Ace Gapuz - Managing Director of Blogapalooza, Erika Padilla - Actress, Model, TV/Events Host and Mikael Daiz - Actor and Travel Blogger
 Miguel Olfindo - Founder & CEO of  New  Media Factory
Listen. I decided I was at Blogapalooza to learn. So I open my voice recorder, and listen to tips from the experts.

Opportunities. Meeting businesses and listing in their directory is the highlight of every blogger present. I hope that this blog will keep on rolling after Blogapalooza.

One but not alone.

Zeeing Vince Golanco - Blogapalooza's Business Director , in  person.

Amazing talent from the #MindPlay (the one in the middle is a psychic) and from other bloggers.

That sums up my first Blogapalooza experience. Good day! :)


  1. I have to echo that going alone is indeed lonesome! Haha I was a it traumatized with my first Blogapalooza event because everyone seemed to be acquainted with everyone and I'm just alone in my own little bubble. Hahaha

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

  2. This reply is long overdue. But, I'd like to acknowledge that we share the same experience during our first Blogapalooza. I hope I can attend the next event so that I can redo the mistakes that I've made. Cheers to us serious bloggers! :)


Maira Gall