14 August 2016

At 25 Everyone Is Taken

Dear Senior High School Jhecel

Nine years from now you will realize that everyone is taken.

Even that person who has empty spaces on his finger does not need a ring to prove that he is taken. All is taken. They may not know it yet or not have acknowledged their status believe me they are taken.

At 25, you develop the “all is taken” mantra. Because you realize that even the person that you just meet considering that it is a new beginning in your end is taken. You have learned to guard your heart. You believe that if you do so it will save you from heartache. You try to avoid conflicts especially if you found out that they had been taken even before they realize it. Eventually, you realize that you belong to the category.

All is taken. If it is not their heart it is something else. Some are taken by their beliefs and principles, some of their career, some by other’s impulse, and some by technology. At most time they go where their heart is. So I would say that at 25 everyone is taken so are you.

Be open to possibilities but never compromise yourself just because.

Photo courtesy: Stocksnap


  1. I want to cry because this is so true :'( I wonder how is it to become someone else's first love but I guess I'll never know because everyone else is taken.

    1. I think everyone of us experience to be someone's firsts love the only thing is sometimes we never know. Cheer up, who knows he's already thinking of you now. :)


Maira Gall