13 November 2016

The Best of Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0: Chartering The Unchartered

November 5, 2016, was a milestone for me and the whole Blogapalooza family. Bloggers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were represented in which #UnitePH. It was held at the Versailles Garden of Novotel.
I say, it was a milestone for me since it was my second time to attend Blogapalooza, and I came prepared compared with my first appearance in which most are my fault. I had my blogging essentials ready. The only thing I regretted was using a handbag. Taking photos and sampling products were difficult. Good thing the marketing staff in every booth were patient with me.

The best of Blogapalooza 2.0: Chartering The Unchartered:

Not solo anymore. I have a guest with me. Months before the event I asked around my friends whose available of that day. Luckily, Luci was game. We visited booths and had a chance to enjoying talks. Introducing her to the world of blogging is fulfilling. Although Luci, has a blog I am still encouraging her to update it. Part of the reason is that I can have her easily whisk if there are other blogging events and she'll understand why I document everything.
Luci listening to the Marketing staff of Novotel on how to download the app

Meeting new bloggers. I finally had the courage to introduce myself to other bloggers. Especially to the ones I follow online. I saw Peng with her friends. I got to say hi to Richel thanks to Twitter. And I met GV.

GV on stripes registering at the MyCure App booth.

Inspiring talks from the speakers. I was able to listen to one full talk because  was eager to check out the booths. I guess it's one of the Quotable quotes
"For beginners, you have to ask your friends to do the liking and sharing for you." 
   - Sky Gavin, COO of When In Manila

"Find a mentor. I have mentors everywhere. Every kid needs a mentor. And not just one topic, but every topic you worry you about." - Jojo the Lovesurvivor

"Time + Productivity = SUCCESS" - Mafe Belasco

New brands to watch out and try. Migme is just one of them. I regret to inform you guys that I have no other decent photos of the other booth because of the "handbag problem". Also, I was busy being in the moment. Oh! I won two gift certificates from Victoria Court just by banging my head.

The busy booth of Migme.

And of course, the big reveal. Buzzin by definition is the Philippines' premier and most trusted influencer marketing partner. It matches blogger/influencer, with the perfect business partner.

Were you there? Let me know.

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