05 November 2016

To The Virgins While You Are Young!


You consider yourself as a virgin. An inexperienced young individual eager to try out the hype. You might think that jumping  from the plane  secured with safety gears and a parachute is something. HECK! It is something. If you are brave and have secured your life insurance, by all means, do it. If you want to sleep in the middle of the forest with your friends go on and schedule that trip. If you find yourself unsatisfied with what you have done, bless your heart I am not stopping you. But you have to take time.

Take time to pause, and think if everything you want is really important. Is the change you wanted is necessary or it is only by an impulse of the on –going trends?
Be in a relationship.  Kiss somebody. Write a book. Eat out every day. Spend your salary as you wish.  Explore the world. The question is, are you ready to take responsibility with every consequence of your actions especially if it turns out to be a disaster?

Take time to pause. Consult the elders.

I was once like you a virgin forest who got bored of the chirping birds, and of the wild animals walking on my floor.  In short, I was bored with myself. I wanted intervention. I wanted to help the human. I wanted to impress them.  I heard them whispering through the wind of how they needed more logs, minerals, and more food.  Everything they needed at that time was all I have so I offered myself. I let them chop my trees. I let them trot around letting them take whatever they wanted. I got what I wanted but I was not expecting that this is what I look like after. I was not expecting that this will hurt so much.

See? Try searching deforestation on the internet. That’s not the only photo that you will find. Try looking for it in real life. I hope that you are ready to see some part of me.

So, I write this to the virgins while you are young. Take time to pause. Consult the elders. Consider your plans. Discern well with prayers. There is always the other side of everything.

I will leave you with these thoughts.

The Virgin Forest That Was Lost

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  1. This is lovely! I can relate to this because I have the wildest thoughts before of leaving my job for the sake of traveling. But reality hits me hard that I can't plunge because I have to help my family. 😊

    1. Thank you, Hazel! Good thing that you've think through with your plans before proceeding.


Maira Gall