07 December 2016

Book Review: Career Crossover From Where You Are To Where You Should Be by Venchito Tampon Jr.

One morning I received an email from Venchito asking if I can do a review of his upcoming book. After exchanging emails and checking his background through the links attached I said yes. He then sent me a digital copy of the manuscript of the book.

Career Crossover From Where You Are To Where You Should Be is not only for career person and employer. It also aims to guide students of what career path and/or decisions they would take. The book contains exercises and questions in some chapters that would help the readers to experience the author's method in accomplishing his goals. As expected from life coaching books stories from successful people is really an inspiration.

What I don't like about the book:

1. Some examples were not clearly explained. Although it is not the main point of the book.I am intrigued if my personality is a rooster, tarsier, carabao, and an eagle. See page 21.

What I like about the book:

1. Venchito was able to gather quotes from successful personalities that supports his idea.

2. It was talking to me. Everything that was written feels like it was for me. You have to understand that as of the moment I am an employee that staying in my job just because I need one. I was jotting down quotes to share with you guys but in the end one quote really - really got me thinking. 

Would I recommend it?

YES! In fact, I encourage you to have a copy. Click the link below to order.  http://www.venchitotampon.com/career-crossover-book

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Although, I received a digital copy of the manuscript note that all opinions are mine.

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