24 February 2017

Ex - Lovers

Circumstances separated both of them.

He feels bad that he keep her waiting on date night. His family needed him the most at that time. He loves her so much that he cannot bear to see her lonely.

She feels bad she cannot answer his calls at midnight. She loves him so much that it hurts her not to comfort him immediately.

They decided not to hurt each other anymore, not to keep each other waiting.   

They cried.

Her career is now stable. Traveled the world with different partners but she keeps on wishing it was him.

He has built his empire and has funded different charity institutions. Talked in different languages but he keeps on wishing she was there.

They try not cross each other's path until destiny intervene.

At the place where they first met. One minute after he leaves she arrived.

The next day he saw her but she didn't - at least that is what he thought. He wondered if it was all too late.

Eleven days after in a funeral house he saw her but she didn't. He cried because it was too late.

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Maira Gall