01 October 2017

To That Guy Who Stopped Asking When

I regretted it.

The very first day you said hello I should have been wise with my answer. I should have asked you directly about your intention.

I panicked thinking all about the possibilities. Then I was afraid that you would never see me again after. Insecurities sink through. I doubted myself. I keep on asking why it was you and not him. Why it was not the person that I like. Why you of all people?

When you stopped asking when the question I had intensified.

Now it felt awkward whenever I see you online. I can't say hi.

I blamed myself for expecting too much. We never had the chance to be acquainted. 

I think, at that time, we were two souls trying to look for possibilities. I was taking my time and you were impatient.

My friends said that you were asking about me. They said that you are coming home again this year.

What are we going to do when we see each other?

Maira Gall