04 August 2018


Don't hate yourself. Falling in love is in not an act of stupidity. Never!  You just happened to stumble the wrong person or maybe, just maybe, both of you were at the wrong place at a wrong time.

You are young. You have a lot to see and to experience in this beautiful world. Do not hate the world. Not everything is served on a silver platter.

Do not blame yourself for acting instantly because, my dear, it is part of who you are. You cannot blame yourself for that. Do not shut yourself to the world. Do not give up on love. If you decide to give it a break,  give it a go. One day, you'll be surprised it will be coming to you the least you expect it.

I know it is dreading to let go of relationships that you have built but if it is killing you, think cautiously on how you will proceed. In this lifetime it is best if we don't burn bridges. You'll never know since this world is small, and life can throw us surprises.

Onwards, uday! Ayaw pagpirdi hit kakuri hit kinabuhi. Pastilan damo pa it malabay nga adlaw ngan damo pa it tsana. Tapod la hit Gino - o. Ayaw ka baraka tanan kita nagsasayop, tanan kita mayda usa nga tawo nga para ha aton.
I admire you for being carefree and honest.

In response to your letter, I want to thank you for trusting me and sharing your story. I CARE for you and I LOVE YOU.  

Life is never easy. Know that ones' pain and heartbreak can never be cured unless it is acknowledged.

Remember that not everything is meant to be. Let the past remain in the past; if it serves you well let it be your inspiration so you can go onwards Uday.


Your Ate

Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash

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