The Blog

       This blog is named after the code name of my muse whom I’ve met in 2003. I bet he already knew what Koshe means.  But, I’ve outgrown that already. I have decided that Koshe would represent every person that I will meet and have met. May they be an inspiration or a distraction.

 To categorize, Koshe is a lifestyle and literary blog – a clash of fiction and reality. 

The Blogger

           Jhecel \ji-sel\ is a caterpillar. My roots come from the Eastern part of Samar, Philippines. As I live life my interests widened from different areas in which includes: digital photography, fashion, social media, creative writing, blogging, books, arts, and humanity.


                 All contents are owned by the blogger unless otherwise stated. Names, places and situations you found similar to other works or life events are pure incidental. In all time, the author of this blog changes the name of persons especially in the letters to give privacy to the subject.

                    Using photos and article in this blog as your own is prohibited. If you want to use them please e - mail the blogger at jhecelogtip@yahoo.com.

                    All reviews being written are all of the blogger's opinion.


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