30 July 2013

Outbox: Outside Her Purple Box

Soon she will be twenty three. But she still have the box that she purchased back  when she was fifteen. It is for her souvenirs, her secrets, her ideas and her enjoyment and pain. A purple box where she hides some of herself. Because she believes that some things are bound for keeps.

Yesterday was the end of the cold season so my girl decides to see her purple box. Turned out that it was loaded.

Little by little she realized that life must have been different if she did  not do some hiding.. Will she still be a  hopeless romantic if she go for her guy? Will she still be a  sweet angel if she let go of her hatred? Who will be her inspiration if she rushed in love?

Knowing  the answer to her own query.  My girl prepares for some upgrading  and disposing  of what is in her box. Later this year she will buy another purple box. She is at age to be aware on what is supposed to be a secret and shared.

Suurely, she will grab the most durable and bigger purple box at sale. But she will let it be (the things, moments, failures, etc.) as they are suppose to be. Go on living  with the flow of God's decision. Accept every stuff that will come, and do what it takes to protect her box because surprises come in a  jiffy.
Maira Gall