30 April 2014


My two shades of lipstick and a lip balm

If you do not own a make – up kit not even a lipstick I suggest you purchase one now. If you still insist that natural face is better, well, in that I agree. Yet, I encourage you to have one and learn the basic in putting make – up. Believe me, that attitude won’t work not until you step in the word of the working public either as a full time employee or a freelancer.

28 April 2014


I will never be tired on wishing
So as be exhausted on falling
Crossed fingers of a dreamer
Has its very own catcher

Like the stars that never leave
We just do not see them
Until they die and fall through a cloud’s rim
And appear in the eyes of a believer
In a patient heart of a dreamer

27 April 2014


Contemplating is very difficult. Focusing is hard when we can’t ignore distractions that serve as our inspiration.

Since we need to feel all the earthly emotions, there might be a chance that someone will come to get us out in our comfort zone. It is therefore a challenge for us in which factor we will allow to penetrate in our system at a certain time. So when you think life is boring, think again.

There are thousands of things worth doing. There are millions of possibilities waiting to happen. All you need to do is to lift a finger. Give the world a try. Do what you want to do.

Look at me. That’s what happens when I am not bored and when I am very hyper. Imagine if it is you. Who knows you can do better. So when you think life is boring, think again.

There is a certain task destined for all of us. We all have our own purpose. If you think you are tired and had enough of everything, and if you have been through a lot I urged you not to despair. I urged you not to end  that precious life.

Pray. It helps. 

23 April 2014


This was taken years back.
 It was the Second MCS (Mass Comm Society) Festival Award's Night and I'm wearing a gown. :)


  I am that girl who always have a secret inspiration. Inspired by the stories that had been told by my younger cousins and the imagery brought by the romantic books. In a very young age I am aware that I am very much enthusiastic of finding that someone special. That someday he and I will cruise in the same ocean. That someday, whoever he is, he and I will lay under the bright moonlight, name the stars, guess the constellation, and talk about each other.

09 April 2014


Season we await come in its turn
Clouds’ teardrops are gone running
   in every continent’s river to its deepest sea
   in every mountain and roots under
Sip by thousand thirsty tree
Eaten by one hungry world

02 April 2014


Originally, this is not the post for today but as I type the title it was set as draft since morning. The cursor is blinking faster, faster and faster and faster. Images are flashing in my head but I have no specific words for them. Whenever I try to form a sentence, I forgot what the original idea is. Would it be shameful if I tell you that I am not sure how some words are spelled?

Maira Gall