15 July 2014


A quote from Song of Confession

You were not a part of my world
Until one night you came knocking
Through a dream you let me noticed you
I never care to share so it may come true

07 July 2014


I am with the whole world
Same as the whole world is with me
Perhaps the best reason to consider
In this chaos
In this uncertain
In this life, my dear!
We are one with million people
No doubt and hesitation
When our cheeks blushed
And the sparkle in your eyes
Truly, we all fall in love
Have you?
It is love my dear
When we are one – one with our foes
One with the whole world
Taking chances and more than feeling sorry
Not because of heartaches
But because we love

03 July 2014


With the wilds and the strangers I find comfort
Through their eyes I can see that we share the same longing
I find comfort sharing my disagreement
Because somehow, sometimes, we disagree

02 July 2014


                                                             I am not somebody’s 
Noboy’s pride 
Everybody’s nightmare
Nobody’s luck

01 July 2014


   I think it is fair and high time that I tell you stories of my college days. I don't know if you can tell the difference but college days is real stories. By real stories - I mean of experiencing the moment with characters or witnesses. Unlike high school anecdotes, sometimes it was just me and the scenario or it was just them and my poetry. There are few highlights in my entire year in college that they strike my heart directly. They were life lessons in which I think, we all went through.Let me start  with the last Intramural that I have attended. 

   Intramural is an event highly anticipated of the whole school. Teams from other school branch, and different colleges gathers to prove and compete with each other. 

     When the Special Project Division launched a Photo Journalism competition I joined, that is why I had accessed with all the venue where some students are not allowed. Oh, the joy of acting like a professional Photojournalist!

Mr. Abut was my P.E. teacher making sure all things are set.

Maira Gall