28 September 2015

5 Things I Learned As A Cornerstone Volunteer

    A few Saturdays ago I was a lead tutor during the Cornerstone session. The assigned topic for Lizzy and me was letters R, G, B. It was my first time on leading even though I’ve been volunteering for more than one year. I asked myself what I have learned in getting involved with the program. I narrowed them down to five.

1.      It is all about the students. When I decided to volunteer for Cornerstone I expected that there are many factors needed for the success of the program. Like dedication, funds, cooperation, and teamwork but these will become non – essential if the students or tutees are not interested in studying. Without their interest in learning it would be a hard situation for all the volunteers. That is why in Cornerstone, the team leaders and the CFC community talked to their parents beforehand. Encouraging them is important. Letting them participate in all the activities is important too. I make sure that they always have something to look forward for the next Saturdays.

14 September 2015

Plea of A Clueless Heart

Plea of A Clueless Heart
I know it from the start
That truly I adore you
From the deepest of my heart
It shouts I Love You

In me I let it be keep
For know its craziness
This feeling takes me so long to sleep
It really makes me feel life’s loneliness
I implore you then, hear its cry
Wound be cured
By making a try
To love me so pure

12 September 2015


            I indulged myself with the things I can do. Waiting for certain plans to unfold is eventually tiring, yes, I have to admit that. That is why I have decided to tick on item on my to-do list even though it is not yet its time. The perfect time for a photowalk, in my opinion, is when I already own a DSLR precisely Canon. Can’t I have a photowalk with the camera that I currently used? Of course, yes! It is just my pride and doubts that is stopping me.



            There are choices that had been decided for all of us even without our consent. No matter how we hate it if it is for us we cannot escape it. There are rewards given to us even if we do not compete for it. Lucky are those who recognize the importance of such rewards; lost are the obstinate one. There are battles we have to fight until we win. There are battles we have to retreat.

            And so, I write this letter to a girl who thinks that she never wins. You and I are in the same phase of this adulthood. Perhaps it is necessary to reiterate that you are not alone.

05 September 2015


            Happiness is a state of mind. The more we think of the happy things that had happened the more we attract good karma. When I am sad I think all the good memories even if I am not directly involve. And so, here I am listing them. You should too. Comment below if you made your own happy list.

03 September 2015


                After talking to the Lady Nurse and the Call Center Guy I have decided to eat lunch at Chowking there I met the third stranger. Two sets of conversations with strangers in half a day is a record for me. It turned out that I will break it after an hour. The conversation was short and nonidentical.

            Once I have my lunch I settled myself in a table near the condiments area. An old lady whom I assumed the same age with my grandmother approached to get her utensils. She started to talk as soon as I initiate eye contact.

02 September 2015



         Every time I visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of Good Voyage in Antipolo City the local merchants would deal with me as I am a tourist. Perhaps they have not seen enough of me. It is understandable because the cathedral is known among the Catholics. Come Sunday people from different places visit the church. They would arrive with their family or friends; others come alone. Seats are difficult to avail if you arrived late for your preferred mass schedule. Such problem is small. It would not stop the devotees to pay their respect to Our Lady of Good Voyage.  It is always full; in fact, some would bear standing outside while hearing the mass.
Maira Gall