02 September 2015



         Every time I visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of Good Voyage in Antipolo City the local merchants would deal with me as I am a tourist. Perhaps they have not seen enough of me. It is understandable because the cathedral is known among the Catholics. Come Sunday people from different places visit the church. They would arrive with their family or friends; others come alone. Seats are difficult to avail if you arrived late for your preferred mass schedule. Such problem is small. It would not stop the devotees to pay their respect to Our Lady of Good Voyage.  It is always full; in fact, some would bear standing outside while hearing the mass.

         Based on the marker that you can see outside the church the statue of Nuestra Senora de la Paz y Buen Viaje was brought from Mexico to Manila by Governor Juan Nino de Tavora in 1626 and at his death in 1632 it was turned over to the Jesuits for the church of Antipolo. Hence, car blessing is done here.

            The way to the relics is at the left side of the church facing the altar. I stayed longer the last time I went up because it was during Thursday. It is in this part of the cathedral that photography is not allowed. Understand that it is a solemn place. Here you can kiss the hem of the dress of Our Lady of Good Voyage. History of the church and other relics are also exhibited here.

      You can also have the feel of a private place should you wish to say your prayers in the adoration chapel. It is a separate structure located at the right side of the church if you are facing the main entrance. After registering your name you have to leave your shoes in the shoe cabinet.


  1. :) aw.... Alam mo ba sis, palagi ako nadaan jan sa adoration chapel pag naliligaw akong antipolo..

  2. Ohhhh you've been to Antipolo! I'm originally from Antipolo and my father is from Eastern Samar ( I read your "About", I can speak Waray too!) <3 Hope you enjoyed the city!

    KC | http://kaellecalzado.blogspot.com/

    1. Really!!! :) Malipayun gud ako.!!! hahaha (I miss speaking Waray). I have a classmate in high school same as your surname Kaelle, baka kamag-anak niyo. :)

    2. I'm related with the Calzados from Lorente, and Rosaldos from Quinapondan :) San ka sa E.Samar?


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