25 November 2015

Cornerstone Diary: The 21st Day of November and On Dealing with Difficult Students

CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School
The siblings of the tutees are also welcome to eat with us. :)
           Last October 21 the Cornerstone team celebrated birthdays. We had lunch at a local fast food chain nearby. During the meal we talked about assorted things like the previous APEC, Game of Thrones, politics – on who's voting for whom, the issue of internet speed, writing poetry, and, of course, the plan for the upcoming Christmas party this December 5. We were so engaged on eating and talking that we forgot to take photos to remember the occasion.
            Anyway, before that, the whole Cornerstone was normal. The routines were smoothly done, the opening prayer, the lessons delivered by my fellow volunteer tutors was okay, the food was great, and a few misbehave ones which is normal until it was time for the small group sessions. One of the tutees that I was handling was being difficult. She refused to come with me. So was determined not to study more because she had a conspirator. I was worried because my group was the only one probably not doing better in terms of reading progress.

19 November 2015

Cornerstone Diary: MOA Signing Ceremony, Letters VOX, and Fun Game with YFC

CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School         
    I’ve been hearing plans for Cornerstone’s Christmas party in the last sessions. To be honest, I can’t believe that it is almost December. No wonder the kids are motivated to participate and be good in group sessions. So much had happened. Here’s a photo diary of Signing of Memorandum of Agreement, lessons of letters VOX, and some snaps from the YFC.

The MOA Signing Ceremony

  To formalize the affiliation between Inuman Elementary School and Cornerstone the Memorandum of Agreement Signing Ceremony was held last October 24, 2015. It was attended by the representatives of the school and of the Cornerstone. Talks were delivered. I did not hear much of them because my attention was on the kids. Plus I was taking some photos. It was a bit tiring day since we proceed to have a regular session.

CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School
The parents of the tutees are always eager to support any activities that can nourish their child's knowledge.
Look at that kid staring in the camera. ;)

CORNERSTONE in Inuman Elementary School

We were called to have a group photo then we go back to continue our activities.

03 November 2015

This Girl Is Learning To Put Make - Up

 When I was a teenager there my girl classmates started showing interest in make – up. They would show up in recitals with red lips and thick eyelashes. Back then, I did not share the same enthusiasm. I do not care if I look pale on school events or if I had an oily face. I carried the same attitude minus the oily face. Sure I know the basics of make – up. I understand them how it will affect my physical appearance yet I was hesitant to try them on. I’d put some if it is extremely necessary.
Maira Gall